Our direct transportation and shipping logistics services get your freight where it needs to be, on time and at the best rates. We know that no two businesses are exactly alike. That’s why we partner with our clients to find just the right shipping solution for their needs.

Whatever you need shipped—whether it’s boxes of itty bitty widgets or massive steel coils—we can get it there. That’s because if our trucks can’t ship it, we’ll find the best 3rd party carrier who can.

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How Our People Make the Difference

Any company is only as good as their team. And that’s why we focus on hiring, retaining, and training the best drivers and office staff we can find.

Our employees are aware of and trained to the latest DOT and FMCSA standards. And all vehicles are put through rigorous monthly inspections to ensure full compliance with state and federal regulations.

Now Hiring Drivers

Now Hiring Drivers

Are you an owner-operator or company driver eager to work for a transport company that offers great pay, a respectful work environment, and non-mandatory contracts?
Call us at 414-434-4230.

We’re looking for experienced, professional drivers with good driving records who understand how important transportation is to every business out there.


When you pair the right technology with the right people, beautiful things can happen. Things like accurate just-in-time shipping, cost-effective transportation that meets the unique needs of your business, and real-time data that keeps you in the loop 24/7.

Partner with NEXturn Transportation and you can trust us to use the best tech available to meet your needs. We use:

Why Choose NEXturn for Your Next Freight Shipment

We’re experts. Truly.

Whether it’s understanding how the latest ELD mandate could impact your shipping rates or how that storm front rolling into Detroit next week could impact your shipping times, we’re on it.

From the regulatory environment to the on-the-ground logistics, our team understands what it takes to move freight so that it arrives intact, on time, and in full compliance with the law.

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